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Testing, Inspection and Maintenance of Window-Cleaning Eyebolts and PPE Anchor Points

Access Testing for all types of Fall Arrest Eyebolts and Single-Point Anchors

As our client base consists of, amongst other things, major hotel chains, commercial property management companies, and facilities management companies, it is no surprise that we inspect and test a lot of window-cleaning fall arrest eyebolts!  Most office developments and hotels use fall arrest eyebolts as a means of ensuring that their window-cleaning contractors can work safely.  In common with all height safety equipment, there is a stautory requirement to test and inspect all single-point fall arrest anchors on a regular basis, annually in the case of PPE eyebolts.

Access Testing carry out the testing and inspection and recording of eyebolts strictly in accordance with  BS EN 795, BS EN 365 and the manufacturers recommendations.  Following the test and inspection, we issue a test certificate, and a full report detailing any required remedial works for items which have failed. 

Our Customer relationship software ensures that our clients are given plenty of notice when the eyebolts are coming up to the next test date, ensuring that they are complying with the law.  Also, it means that the window-cleaning company never has a wasted visit to site which has been aborted as the eyebolts are not in test.  This saves the client money, and keeps their tenants happy!